Monday, March 31, 2014


Aqua Blue Skater Skirt: CINDERELLA
Gold Sandals: A GIRL'S HAVEN
Yellow Wrist Watch: DCGFASHION

Happy Monday everyone! Today's outfit is vivid/bright/vibrant colors. I totally love this look! It's not just girly and fancy-looking, but it also made me feel more finesse. I am fond of wearing skirts due to the fact that I don't see myself as a girl because I feel more like a lady. Of course, feeling like a lady makes you act like one. Right? Being a lady means you have better understanding, matured way of thinking and especially, you have greater respect for yourself and to others. So here's a throwback about this issue.. I remember when I was young (about 7-9 years old), I used to steal my mom's make-up when she is not around (Hahaha I'm so girly before!). I put on powder, eye shadows, blush on and lipstick on my face (I also curl my hair). I was not very good at putting it at first but I learned the proper way eventually. I used to goof around the house acting like a real lady. It's so memorable that I can still remember the details of my childhood. There's nothing wrong if you wish to become a lady when you're still a kid but you will definitely regret that you've exchange your childhood for it. So it's better to just go along and absorb the moments. :)

 I can say that today is a massive day for me. Wanna know why? :) Hmmm.. It is because I woke up this morning, immediately checked my blog and I was so overwhelmed that my blog reached exactly 174 views (exclusive of mine) just for 4 days! Isn't it amazing? Isn't it surprising? Isn't it? :)))) It was so heartwarming to know that there are people who are interested to read the stuff that I wrote. Even though I have written rubbish and nonsense posts, there's still someone who reads it patiently. And with that, I am so uplifted and inspired to write more and to influence everyone who's considerate enough to read it. I admit that I am not a poetic/creative writer, but I am really pushing myself beyond my limits and striving so much to get out of my comfort zone. It is also reasonable for me because I am just a newbie and I know that at some point, I will improve as long as I continue to write and articulate my thoughts. I'll just keep on reading because a good reader can become a great writer. Just to tell you, I have read so much blogs and it encouraged me to write a blog of my own. And yes, it is worth trying! :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Wrist Watch: TOMATO
Bandage Skirt: CINDERELLA

It is indeed a wonderful Sunday! Isn't it? I, seemingly, wanted my outfit to be just as subtle and laid back as possible. Today's outfit was a simple plaid yet coordinating. I am fond of cropped tops. (Yes, I have plenty of them. Literally!) My necklace really harmonize with my plaid top. If you have read my previous posts, you will be able to observe something. So here is the issue.. Haven't you noticed that my photos were all taken on the same place? Yes, it is on the alley of our house. The reason behind this is I am not (yet) too comfortable taking photos outdoor. (But I can explain this!)

  1. I don't always get to have someone to take my photos. (My brother is my photographer, most of the time)
  2. We live in a Subdivision/Village. This means that the vicinity is full of houses and there is less appropriate place to undergo photoshoot.
  3. I've tried taking photos outdoor for like three times and I felt the awkwardness of how people gets to look at you. Their reactions were quite annoying and made me wanna stop the shoot. (I think it's reasonable for a newbie like me)
  4. Lastly, I only take few photos (2-3 photos).. So it does not have to be a fabulous/enormous/immense photoshoot. 

So those were the reasons behind me taking photos in the alley. Sometimes I find it funny because some of my photos looked precisely the same and they only differ in what I wear. I know that the background is significant for a fashion photography. But still, the outfit is what matters most. Right? It is how you express the totality of what you're actually wearing. As long as you can convey the match up of your clothes, it is and definitely will always be perfect. Matching up your clothes is not very difficult at all. Sometimes, you just have to glance through your clothes and pick something that will complement each other.

  1. First and foremost, consider your feelings about what you want to put on or where you're comfortable with to go on for the day. Such as wanting to wear shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, flats or heels. (Always trust your instincts!)
  2. After having an idea of what you prefer, go over your clothes and look for the best fit.
  3. Colors matter! Choose the colors that will not overpower each other. The finest way to match colors (for me) is to use the dark-light or light-dark. For elaboration, you can wear dark top and light pants/skirt/bottom and vice versa. 
  4. Also, the color depends on the occasion/event/errand that you're up to. So it is better to comprehend along with it. Like if you're going to a formal affair, neon colors are doubtlessly not an option.

Well, I know most of you have their own preferences about fashion. Sometimes, you don't have to go along with the trend. Maybe because it will be too mainstream and it may seem very normal to everyone. What you have to do is to stand out, be unique and different. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014


High Waist Shorts: FOREVER21
Eiffel Towel Red Watch: DCGFASHION
Black Suede Boots: LADYGRATITUDE

It's past 2 o'clock in the morning of Saturday and obviously, I could not sleep. I squeeze up my mind to read some blogs and quite write a blog of my own. 

This outfit post was merely 4 days late. Well, I was really supposed to blog this but unfortunately, I was busy working with some stuff. I know that now was the not-so-perfect time to post this because.. Yes, it is way too early and no one will read it at this very moment.

I know it was a bit strange but since it was raining 4 days ago.. Yeah, that's the reason behind me wearing boots. I love how I was able to match up this tartan muscle tee with the high waisted shorts. It suits the blending of the dark colors.

That day, I was out to go to the mall and eat something sweet. (Yes, for the nth time, I admit that I am inlove with sweets.) So I grabbed the moment to lighten up my day with a Chocolate Iced Filled Doughnut and Chocolate Frappucino from Krispy Kreme.

After eating out, I head straight to Let's Face It for my monthly facial check up. So I went home with my face tortured and it's so red that I look like walking with a tomato face. HAHAHA But still, it's a turn up for No Pain No Gain. Right?


Pink Mullet Dress: APARTMENT 8
Pink Shoes: A GIRL'S HAVEN

March 27, 2014 was the big day for my brother, Felix Edgar C. Lumawig. For he marched with honor as Cum Laude in the degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the University of Santo Tomas.

It was a big break for him to actually conclude the finale of his education. Clearly, he made his college life fruitful to basically graduate as one of the Cum Laudes of their batch. My Kuya really have so much potential in him. As time passed by, he have proven that he could definitely made his dreams possible.

For that, I am proudly writing this blog as a gratitude for his efforts to honor the hardships of our parents and give himself a reward for the sleepless nights working for school stuff.

Congratulations, dear brother! I will forever love you. You became my inspiration to pursue my dreams and attain my desires in life.

After a long day, we had dinner at a buffet located in Mall Of Asia. Yakimix, absolutely, completed our day. All our fatigues were gone because we literally ate a lot. No words can explain how much I have lost my diet in exchange for this! But for the benefit of getting energized and regenerated, it was a pleasure having dinner at this prestigious buffet. I love how we get to choose what we desire to cook (we get to grill it on our own table). Lots of delicious seafoods and sweets (my forever favorite!). Ended our day with our bloated tummy! It's worth it for we know that we are beyond  blessed! Thank you, Lord!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Gladiators: TUTUMSHOP

Yes, the summer feels are up. Apparently, yellow and blue are the hues of the day!
Today, I went to visit the Trendsetter's Bazaar at Metrotent, Pasig City. I was able to meet the gorgeous fashion blogger. Ms. Patricia Prieto and luckily able to have a photo with her. I bought a lovely set of Tomato wrist watch from her booth. Ended my day with a huge smile for the satisfaction of having lots of new great finds from the bazaar.
So these are the pretty finds that I bought from Trendsetter's Bazaar. Pink tank from SKYCASTLECO, Tartan and Flowy tops from SHOPLITTLENOOK, Armcandies and Teal Tory Burch watch from FASHIONSPICEMANILA and the Tomato watch set from Ms. Patricia Prieto's booth.