Saturday, March 29, 2014


High Waist Shorts: FOREVER21
Eiffel Towel Red Watch: DCGFASHION
Black Suede Boots: LADYGRATITUDE

It's past 2 o'clock in the morning of Saturday and obviously, I could not sleep. I squeeze up my mind to read some blogs and quite write a blog of my own. 

This outfit post was merely 4 days late. Well, I was really supposed to blog this but unfortunately, I was busy working with some stuff. I know that now was the not-so-perfect time to post this because.. Yes, it is way too early and no one will read it at this very moment.

I know it was a bit strange but since it was raining 4 days ago.. Yeah, that's the reason behind me wearing boots. I love how I was able to match up this tartan muscle tee with the high waisted shorts. It suits the blending of the dark colors.

That day, I was out to go to the mall and eat something sweet. (Yes, for the nth time, I admit that I am inlove with sweets.) So I grabbed the moment to lighten up my day with a Chocolate Iced Filled Doughnut and Chocolate Frappucino from Krispy Kreme.

After eating out, I head straight to Let's Face It for my monthly facial check up. So I went home with my face tortured and it's so red that I look like walking with a tomato face. HAHAHA But still, it's a turn up for No Pain No Gain. Right?

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