Sunday, March 30, 2014


Wrist Watch: TOMATO
Bandage Skirt: CINDERELLA

It is indeed a wonderful Sunday! Isn't it? I, seemingly, wanted my outfit to be just as subtle and laid back as possible. Today's outfit was a simple plaid yet coordinating. I am fond of cropped tops. (Yes, I have plenty of them. Literally!) My necklace really harmonize with my plaid top. If you have read my previous posts, you will be able to observe something. So here is the issue.. Haven't you noticed that my photos were all taken on the same place? Yes, it is on the alley of our house. The reason behind this is I am not (yet) too comfortable taking photos outdoor. (But I can explain this!)

  1. I don't always get to have someone to take my photos. (My brother is my photographer, most of the time)
  2. We live in a Subdivision/Village. This means that the vicinity is full of houses and there is less appropriate place to undergo photoshoot.
  3. I've tried taking photos outdoor for like three times and I felt the awkwardness of how people gets to look at you. Their reactions were quite annoying and made me wanna stop the shoot. (I think it's reasonable for a newbie like me)
  4. Lastly, I only take few photos (2-3 photos).. So it does not have to be a fabulous/enormous/immense photoshoot. 

So those were the reasons behind me taking photos in the alley. Sometimes I find it funny because some of my photos looked precisely the same and they only differ in what I wear. I know that the background is significant for a fashion photography. But still, the outfit is what matters most. Right? It is how you express the totality of what you're actually wearing. As long as you can convey the match up of your clothes, it is and definitely will always be perfect. Matching up your clothes is not very difficult at all. Sometimes, you just have to glance through your clothes and pick something that will complement each other.

  1. First and foremost, consider your feelings about what you want to put on or where you're comfortable with to go on for the day. Such as wanting to wear shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, flats or heels. (Always trust your instincts!)
  2. After having an idea of what you prefer, go over your clothes and look for the best fit.
  3. Colors matter! Choose the colors that will not overpower each other. The finest way to match colors (for me) is to use the dark-light or light-dark. For elaboration, you can wear dark top and light pants/skirt/bottom and vice versa. 
  4. Also, the color depends on the occasion/event/errand that you're up to. So it is better to comprehend along with it. Like if you're going to a formal affair, neon colors are doubtlessly not an option.

Well, I know most of you have their own preferences about fashion. Sometimes, you don't have to go along with the trend. Maybe because it will be too mainstream and it may seem very normal to everyone. What you have to do is to stand out, be unique and different. 


  1. Oh well, it's pretty hard to live in a village where people keep staring when you take photos outside. In the place where I live, it's usually quiet and not many people go out especially at noon. But still, the sun is unbearable so I'd rather to take photos inside my house ^^ Try to go further to find one good place to take photos tho! I have found one but still have to battle with the weather orzzz :(

    Anyway, I wish I could wear pencil skirts. I have big tummy haha! xD And unlike you, I don't really like wearing crop top ;p Nice post! <3


    1. Hi! Thank you for understanding. Yes, I've been searching for the perfect place. :) I've seen your posts and I think pencil skirt would do. Try it some time :)