Saturday, March 8, 2014


Gladiators: TUTUMSHOP

Yes, the summer feels are up. Apparently, yellow and blue are the hues of the day!
Today, I went to visit the Trendsetter's Bazaar at Metrotent, Pasig City. I was able to meet the gorgeous fashion blogger. Ms. Patricia Prieto and luckily able to have a photo with her. I bought a lovely set of Tomato wrist watch from her booth. Ended my day with a huge smile for the satisfaction of having lots of new great finds from the bazaar.
So these are the pretty finds that I bought from Trendsetter's Bazaar. Pink tank from SKYCASTLECO, Tartan and Flowy tops from SHOPLITTLENOOK, Armcandies and Teal Tory Burch watch from FASHIONSPICEMANILA and the Tomato watch set from Ms. Patricia Prieto's booth. 

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