Saturday, March 29, 2014


Pink Mullet Dress: APARTMENT 8
Pink Shoes: A GIRL'S HAVEN

March 27, 2014 was the big day for my brother, Felix Edgar C. Lumawig. For he marched with honor as Cum Laude in the degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management in the University of Santo Tomas.

It was a big break for him to actually conclude the finale of his education. Clearly, he made his college life fruitful to basically graduate as one of the Cum Laudes of their batch. My Kuya really have so much potential in him. As time passed by, he have proven that he could definitely made his dreams possible.

For that, I am proudly writing this blog as a gratitude for his efforts to honor the hardships of our parents and give himself a reward for the sleepless nights working for school stuff.

Congratulations, dear brother! I will forever love you. You became my inspiration to pursue my dreams and attain my desires in life.

After a long day, we had dinner at a buffet located in Mall Of Asia. Yakimix, absolutely, completed our day. All our fatigues were gone because we literally ate a lot. No words can explain how much I have lost my diet in exchange for this! But for the benefit of getting energized and regenerated, it was a pleasure having dinner at this prestigious buffet. I love how we get to choose what we desire to cook (we get to grill it on our own table). Lots of delicious seafoods and sweets (my forever favorite!). Ended our day with our bloated tummy! It's worth it for we know that we are beyond  blessed! Thank you, Lord!

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