Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Pink Cami Top: FOREVER21
Acid Wash Jeans: CRISSA
Loafers: CITY GIRL
Watch: G SHOCK

Pardon my mirror shot

My outfit for today is just as comfy as I wanted it to be. I went out alone to pamper myself away from home. Sometimes, I just want to have an alone time for myself to just simply relax, loosen up and unwind. In that way, I will be able to refresh my mind in writing another chapter in this blog.

So today I noticed that I've started writing blogs without offering the readers the knowledge about me (the author). It was indeed my pleasure to tell everyone what this blog is all about and the person behind it. From the very beginning, you have seen the other side of me which is the stylish, fashionable and sophisticated kind of me. But there's more to reveal and appreciate..

Starting off with the blog..
Eternal Eminence by Elaine Lumawig is a personal blog that records her daily sublime adventures, wicked experiences and brilliant discoveries. This blog brings out the best of her as she randomly writes anything that penetrates in her mind. Everything that is written here comprises her sense of humor not just to impress her readers but also to make them laugh. The blog was entitled as Eternal Eminence, from the meaning itself, it construes the author's unending reputation in this industry. 

Elaine Flora C. Lumawig (Leng) is an 18-year old Civil Engineering student of Mapua Institute of Technology in Intramuros Manila, Philippines. She have 3 older brothers and is the youngest only girl among the siblings. She is into fashion, sports (She was a varsity of Volleyball before), reading and writing. She is a fan of the Kardashian-Jenner Family. Her favorite color is Blue and she's addicted to sweets (Cakes, Chocolates, Smoothies and Pastries), obsessed with clothes and shoes (literally!) and even collects wrist watches. She also have the habit of visiting Fashion and Food Bazaars. Elaine considers herself beyond blessed and gifted for she graduated with honors in High school. She started travelling since she was 6 years old. She had been to several cities of USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas) along with her Dad who lives in LA. But since she started studying her degree, she have never left the country for she have to study in Quadsemestral (4 terms - 3 months each term). For her, life being a blogger is extraordinary. She can promptly put into words her thoughts in a way that can influence those who reads it.

Say hi to her different faces:

1. The SHY kind of Elaine
2. The YOUTHFUL kind of Elaine
3. The BRAINY kind of Elaine
4. The VOGUISH kind of Elaine
5. The SWAGGER kind of Elaine
6. The SIMPLE kind of Elaine

There you go! The different sides of her all in one photo. :)

Elaine wishes you to enjoy reading her blogs as she conspires to indulge you in her best possible way.

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  1. Amazing outfit! Those loafers are awesome!