Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Gold Top: FOREVER21
Nautical Skirt: ZARA
Armcandies: FOREVER21

It's a typical Wednesday for me. Nothing much happened apart from visualizing what to put on my blog today. The concept of today's outfit is elegance. It is simply by pairing up this gold top with a printed skirt and still look classy. Aside from being classy, it will make you look more respectable, sophisticated and stylish. 

So I've been blogging for weeks now. Well, I don't consider myself as a "blogger-blogger" (yet). I can say that blogging definitely intensifies me inside and out. Wanna know why? :)

Here are the reasons:

1. Blogging is what I look forward for the next day. Everyday, I will wake up in the morning and directly check my blog. I read over the new posts of my favorite bloggers and see if my stats were updated. 

2. Blogging is what keeps me busy. Since I am currently on summer vacation, I do not have much to do. Therefore, I make myself productive and busy by reading and writing blogs.

3. Blogging improves me. It enhances my way of thinking, utilizes my interpretation, brings out the creativity in me and especially, advances my English grammar skills. My blog also reflects my personality in such manner that I tend to keep it as creative as possible.

4. My blogs are my new diary. I blog my experiences, interesting moments, tips, words of wisdom, and whatever that comes into my mind. It is where I reveal everything I wanted people to know. Blogging is like writing on an online journal where everybody can read and respond. 

5. Blogging is connecting with like-minded people. It is where I get ideas that helps me move forward. It's not like imitation.. For me, it's like sharing a vision to people who, at somehow, thinks the same as you.

6. Blogging builds up my confidence. Knowing that hundreds of people look at my fashion photographs, it just boosts my self-esteem and lifts the confidence in me to continue self-promoting.

So these are my reasons for now but I know that it will increase as I continue to extend myself in sharing and meeting the readers' expectations.
I hope I met yours! :)

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