Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We have never really spent our birthdays in a grand way ever since. Exclusively the ones that are mandatory, the 7th and 18th (for me). Even so, we only celebrate them by simply hanging out together as a family. We just usually grab lunch there, watch movies here, buy stuff there and have dinner here. The same routine goes for my older brother's birthday as well. So here's how we celebrated his 20th yesterday..

Of course, the whole family and relatives wanted their presence on his special day but considering that my grandma is old enough to walk, we have decided to come over to their house and feast upon our lunch. 
After literally eating a lot, taking tons of photos and having several conversations, we headed out to Festival Mall located in Alabang. As we arrive at the mall, we went directly to the Cinemas and bought tickets for the movie, 300: Rise of an Empire.

We watched the movie with our favorite Javakulas from Seattle's Best. I know some of you might have already watched it but the story goes as dreadful and morbid as I thought it would be. The movie best fits for those who have knowledge about the Ancient European literature. Good thing, I took that subject before! From the title itself, you'll certainly get the idea of never ending wars and brutality at its finest. I suggest you eat first before watching it because you will definitely lost your appetite! But all in all, the movie is still worth watching because the story really portrayed the historical events that happened a long long time ago and you'll probably get interested and research all about it afterwards. As soon as we finished watching, it was time for our ultimate surprise to the birthday boy! Okay, here's the idea.. My brother lost his beloved blackberry phone months ago and he can no longer provide to buy a new one, so he had to use the spare phone that's not as cool as ours. Since then, he had always been longing for a new phone. At first, he seemingly do not have any idea and thought that we are just going to check out the newest gadgets. By the time that we're about to buy a phone, he laughed surprisingly and knew that it was for him. 

We bought him the newest Sony Xperia Z1 Compact which comes very handy, user-friendly, and ultimately water resistant! It has 20.7 megapixels that is perfect for photography and huge capacity that can store thousands of musics, photos and files! 

Our family is a big lover of Japanese Cuisines. We finally had the chance to sooth ourselves with the mouth-watering meals of Teriyaki Boy. My brother ordered the Sukiyaki Beef Teppanyaki, Mom had her all-time favorite, Kani Salad and Gyoza. Mine was their signature dish, the Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju with Mango shake. 

We ain't full yet! Still bought home 3 boxes of Pizzas from Shakey's and savored ourselves with the fine thin crusts of Hawaiian Delight, Pepperoni, and Manager's Choice pizzas.

To sum up, my brother's 20th birthday was a blast! More to come!

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