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Floral Cropped Top: SHOPLITTLENOOK
Royal Blue Skater Skirt: CINDERELLA
Earrings and Pearl Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES
Michael Kors watch and Armcandies: FASHIONSPICEMANILA

I am so close to the end of my summer vacation. Yes, I only have a week left and a new term of stressful but fulfilling education will come. Even so, I could not be any happier than this past 3 weeks of summer vacation. Not because of having a big break to procrastination and sleepless dose of my College life but it was all because of the success that this blog has gone through. This blog is really something to look forward to. Although it was just a month, I can say that it has so much progress than what I have expected. I never thought that it would change my perspective so much that I could even write posts that can somehow alter other's point of view. Yes, for being a so-called blogger for about a month, I can already set forth these thoughts.

However, apologies if I was not able to post for the past week. It's been a chaotic week for me considering that I was on a 4-day leadership training that was led by SCA (Student Catholic Action), a religious organization in College that I am a part of and I also had a 2-day swimming trip to Laguna along with my College friends. The leadership training, entitled SCALE (Student Catholic Action Leadership Encounter), is a "come and see" activity of our organization that is a must to participate. From the title itself, it highly tends to build up and improve one's leadership skills. From inspiring talks to sharing ideas with new friends and to tiring but fun activities that will definitely sharpen your critical thinking skills. Needless to say, I've become one better person after 4 days of hard work and training. Well, enough of that.. Another activity I had is the swimming trip to Laguna with my College friends. Of course, after 4 days of mind blowing activities, an exhilarating refreshment is a must! My friends and I have one thing in common. We all love adventures. That is why we had an extreme long road trip before ending up in Summerwinds Resort located in Pansol, Laguna. We savored the blast of our long and silly conversations, unending food trips, late night dip, replenishing drinks and infinite selfies. What a way to end our summer! 

So it's already Holy Week, let's all give time to repent and be remorseful for our sins. Let's be appreciative for everything He has done that makes us who we are now. We might have gone through turbulences and uncertainties, but one thing is guaranteed, He will continue guiding us along the way. We are all here for one reason and that is to follow and obey Him because with Him, we are all safe and secured. Godbless everyone!

Just want to share with you my favorite Bible verse:
Proverbs 3: 5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart 
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to Him,
and He will direct your paths;

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