Sunday, April 6, 2014


Basic Cami Top: FOREVER21
Pink Mullet Skirt: COPYKATPH
Necklace, Bangles, Earrings: SM ACCESSORIES

It happened to be extremely hot today, summer is really fast approaching like a blink of an eye. So today's outfit is clearly plain from top to bottom. Plain is inevitable when it comes to a combination like this, otherwise, it will look superlative and transcendent. Nevertheless, a basic cami top blends with almost anything especially on a dainty mullet skirt. If I were to ask, basics are always in my options. Not only it can surpassed the raging heat of summer but also because of its utmost simplicity, I can pair it with either jeans, skirts and even shorts. Its affordability and colors were also available in different preferences. How more cost-effective could it be? It can be like buying a bulk at an economical price. On the other hand, being plain is the same as wearing no makeup. Specifically speaking, it is simply being bare and showing the natural beauty of your skin. 

Reasons to be plain and bare:
  • Purity of bare face can pull off everything as long as confidence comes along. 
  • Whereas a girl who is confident in her own natural skin is more beautiful than any girl who wears all the makeup in the world. 
  • Nothing feels as great as just-cleansed, fresh skin. Right?
  • Wearing makeup every single day can ruin and damage your fair skin.
  • You'll walk out the house feeling fine but at the end of the day, everything has smeared.
  • Makeups are costly and expensive (especially the branded ones).

Sometimes, being plain is a good idea especially if wearing makeup is not really necessary. Most women would say "I want to project a certain image out into the world. I wear it for myself, so I can feel more comfortable in how I present myself to others". Yes, makeups can be a form of self-expression and character but what is ultimately so wonderful about makeup: not that it makes your skin brighter or cheekbones pop, but that you can convey any emotion or idea you want. But on the other hand, women should not be relying on their image as a way to express themselves. This is true. No woman should rely solely on makeup as a way to make her voice heard — and no woman really does.

Angelina Jolie - Jennifer Lopez - Beyonce Knowles - Katy Perry
 Even Hollywood celebrities go out with their bare faces.
If they can, so why can't we? :)

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