Thursday, April 3, 2014


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It is such a calming thursday for me. I was able to dine in my favorite coffee place, Mary Grace (Alabang Town Center branch). I really don't know what brings me here (Yup, I am currently drafting my post here). Maybe because of my huge craving for cakes and the like. I love Mary Grace's warm and quiet ambiance that makes it more welcoming. The place is not that big but its interior was just unparalleled. It has the European style that is ideal for relaxing, chatting, reading, writing, and even hold meetings. Needless to say, the food is their greatest asset. They have plenty of different courses (like pastas and salads) and all at an affordable price but I am more interested on their desserts. I have tried some of their cakes before and it really made me want to come back. So here I am again, soothing myself with their delights and comfortably writing this post. I ordered a slice of their bestsellers namely the Chocolate Truffle and the Mango Bene. 

Starting off with the Chocolate Truffle.. It was a layer of a velvety smooth truffle and moist cake. It tasted so good that it made me want to have more. 

The Mango Bene is one of my favorites. It is the combination of naturally sweet mangoes and custard cream layered in one cake. It was undeniably delicious, mouthwatering and to die for!

The waiters are very accommodating and played a very good service. My whole stay was perfect with the fact that my time was not wasted for I was able to give myself some treat and write at the same time.

I find their table setting unique because they placed their customers' (especially the kids') letters behind the table's glass so that other people can read it.

In case you're wondering what else they have..

There's so much to choose from!

The amazing work of art just outside the place.

Gotta love Mary Grace!

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