Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Floral Kimono: VETUS SHOP
Blue Tank Top: ZARA
White Watch: G SHOCK
Gold Sandals: A GIRL'S HAVEN

Today marks the 20th Birthday of my brother, Edgar. And I still can't get over with the fact that he finished college at the age of 19, though I'm almost near my 19th yet I'm still far from graduating. (It's so unfair!) However, it's his special day today so I have to be nice to him (Just for today! Hahaha). I really do not know what my present would be. I find it difficult to visualize what he likes because I have never given him any gifts before (since I'm the youngest, it's a privilege not to give presents. Hahaha!). Well, maybe a feature on my blog will do! Haha! Not everyone gets to be featured here. It's still something to be proud of, right? :)

It's funny that I can still remember when we're still young, I considered him as my ultimate enemy! We are so bipolar that we used to play together then we'll eventually fight about small things and wanted to get rid of each other. During our quarrels, we violently punch each other's faces until someone gets hurt and cry. But we never wanted to get caught that we're fighting, so we will suddenly stop hitting each other by the time we feel that someone's coming then we'll act like nothing happened at all (I know, we're such a weirdos!). I did not know what happened but as we grew older, we learned to love each other and we have never argued since then. All of a sudden, we turned out to be sweet to each other! It's just like we're friends who's comfortable in sharing secrets to one another. It is funny how time flies so fast that we did not even notice that we have both grew up realizing that we are no longer little to punch each other on the face (Now, I missed fighting with him!). Well, to tell him frankly, his age does not suit him mentally! Somehow, he still thinks and acts like a kid. His immaturity prevails especially on how he loves watching animes until now, how childish! In spite of that, he turned out to be a great brother to me. He might be immature at times but I know he will always be my shoulder to lean on. Needless to say, he is now that corny (and sometimes funny), has the habit of being always late but tends to be smart and not-so-good looking guy. :)

My message for you (Yes, I know you'll be reading this!).. I just wanna say thank you for always being there for me. I will never forget the day I called you saying that I don't have enough money to go home then in an instant, you actually came over to pick me up. For me, it is like life saving! I never thought that it is possible to turn into what we have become now. Before, I used to say I hate you.. But now, I never wanna get rid of you! (How cheesy!).. I may not laugh at your jokes (because seriously, they're so corny! Hahaha!), but I know that I'll always be your favorite girl (self-proclaiming it is!) and you'll always be my partner-in-crime/travel buddy/body guard! Now that you're on your 20's, please be matured enough to quit watching animes and cartoons! Despite of that, stay humorous, awesome (somehow!), humble, generous and smart! I Love You beyond words! Enough of the clingy messages.. You owe me one!! :)

Happy 20th Birthday brother dear!! ❤️

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